A detailed story about Nep Moi Vodka

Among Vietnamese liquors, the one most frequently bought and talked about by Foreigner is probably Nep Moi.

While you can buy it online in your country, the price is several times higher than in Vietnam. Knowing this, it’s understandable that people hesitate to purchase it at such a high cost.

There are already many articles about Nep Moi on the internet, but a lot of the information is inaccurate. So, I aim to provide as much accurate information as possible.

A photo of Vietnamese liquor Nep Moi
A 700ml bottle of Nep Moi

What is Nep Moi?

Nep Moi is a Vietnamese vodka made by distilling rice and adding flavorings.

In Vietnamese, “Nep” means rice and “Moi” means new or fresh, so it can be loosely translated as “liquor made from glutinous rice.”

However, despite the name suggesting it’s made from glutinous rice, it actually isn’t.

According to IMC, a major Japanese importer of foreign liquors, Nep Moi is described as follows:

“Although it is primarily made from regular rice, flavorings are added after distillation to give it a unique sweet aroma similar to that of cooked glutinous rice.”

The official website of Halico [1], the Vietnamese company that manufactures and sells Nep Moi, also describes it as having “the unique aroma of freshly harvested glutinous rice,” but does not state that glutinous rice is used.

So, it can be described as a vodka with added glutinous rice flavor.

How much does Nep Moi cost?

Volume (ml)500, 700
Alcohol content30%, 40%
Price78,000 VND (3.024 USD)
115,000 VND (4.464 USD)
IngredientsRice (99.7%)

Honest review of Nep Moi

In a nutshell, I would say Nep Moi is “a very decent vodka for its price.”

In Vietnam, Nep Moi is seen as a cheap, easily accessible liquor that gets you drunk quickly.

While it may not be exceptionally delicious, it is definitely easier to drink compared to other vodkas like Hanoi Vodka sold in Vietnam.

How do you drink Nep Moi?

The official way to drink it is straight, but it’s also recommended to chill it for a better experience.

Where can you buy Nep Moi?

It’s available almost everywhere. You can find it in convenience stores, supermarkets, and any place that sells alcohol.

However, the cheapest place to buy it is at a local mart. But if you’re only planning to buy Nep Moi, the taxi fare and time might not be worth it.

So, I recommend visiting the nearest mart to your hotel. The price difference isn’t significant since it’s already cheap.

The place you should avoid buying it is the airport duty-free shop. Since Nep Moi is made in Vietnam, it’s not eligible for duty-free, making it 2-3 times more expensive than buying it in the city.

  1. https://halico.com.vn/san_pham/vodka-ha-noi-ipsum-dolor-120-2/[]

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