Phu Quoc Casino : Operating Hours, Minimum Bets, and How to Visit

About Phu Quoc Casino

Phu Quoc Island is located about an hour away from Ho Chi Minh City, at the southernmost tip of Vietnam.

It has rapidly grown as a tourist destination in recent years due to significant development led by the Vietnamese government.

Phu Quoc Island isn’t very large, but there are plans to transform the entire island into a theme park. As a result, many luxury hotels and facilities are either under construction or already completed.

Among these, there is a casino in Phu Quoc that can be considered one of the best in Vietnam. This time, we’ll take a detailed look at Corona Casino, the top casino in Phu Quoc.

Inside Phu Quoc Casino
Inside Corona Casino in Phu Quoc. Source: Corona Casino

What is Phu Quoc Casino?

Vietnamese law does not permit standalone casinos. Therefore, all casinos must be attached to 5-star hotels or resorts.

The Corona Casino in Phu Quoc is attached to the Vinpearl Resort, which is operated by Vingroup, one of Vietnam’s largest conglomerates.

Moreover, it is the only casino in Vietnam that allows entry to Vietnamese locals.

However, just because locals can enter doesn’t mean it’s open to everyone. Vietnamese citizens must provide proof of monthly income and pay an entrance fee of 1 million VND to gain access.

Outside Corona Casino in Phu Quoc. Source: Corona Casino

Corona Casino Entry Rules

Corona Casino follows the same regulations as other casinos in Vietnam.

  • Foreigners must bring their passport and be at least 21 years old.
  • Casual attire like flip-flops and sandals is not allowed.
  • First-time visitors must bring their passport to create a membership card.
  • After obtaining a membership card, you can enter with just the card, no passport needed.

Corona Casino Facilities

Opened in 2019, Corona Casino is very clean and well-maintained compared to casinos like the Sheraton in Ho Chi Minh City.

Although it’s the largest casino in Vietnam, its actual size is not very large.

Most of the games are roulette-based, and while there are dealers, they do not participate in the games.

Due to the high number of Chinese visitors, the slot machines are in Chinese (characters).

Games at Corona Casino

  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Slot Machines
  • Poker
  • Sic Bo

Minimum Bets at Corona Casino

  • Blackjack Minimum: 200,000 VND (about 8.5 USD)
  • Baccarat Minimum: 500,000 VND (about 19 USD)

Before you visit Phu Quoc Casino, there are some things you should keep in mind.

Do. Not. Expect. Too. Much. The standard of Vietnamese casinos is just that—Vietnamese casinos. If you expect the glitz and glamour of large foreign casinos, you will be disappointed.

Phu Quoc Casino Hours and How to Visit

You can visit the Phu Quoc Casino using the Grab taxi service or the shuttle bus that goes to Vinpearl.

The shuttle bus doesn’t go directly to the casino; you’ll need to get off at the Grand World Phu Quoc stop and take another free shuttle bus to the casino and resort.

When you arrive at the main gate of Vinpearl Resort to visit the Corona Casino, a security guard will be waiting.

Just mention “casino” to the guard, and they will call a mini cart for you. Hop on the cart, and it will take you to the casino.

After you’re done at the casino, you can request a cart at the counter near the entrance to take you back. The cart will arrive shortly, and you can head back.

If you’re not staying near Vinpearl Resort or Phu Quoc Casino and plan to visit Vinpearl Safari or VinWonders before heading to the casino, keep in mind that the timing might not work out.

Vinpearl Safari closes at 4:30 PM, and VinWonders closes at 7:30 PM, so you might find the casino quite empty if you visit after these attractions.

However, traveling from other areas to the casino can be costly, with taxi fares ranging from 21 to 43 USD.

If visiting the casino is your main goal, it’s best to book a hotel nearby.

Incidents at Phu Quoc Casino

In 2022, an incident severely damaged the reputation of the Phu Quoc Corona Casino. An Italian tourist won a jackpot of 2.8 billion VND but was not paid the prize money.

The casino only paid her 100 billion VND (about 440,000 USD) in three installments over ten days and refused to pay the rest.


Corona Casino regularly updates its promotions on its official website. Although the information is in English, you can use Google Chrome’s translation feature if needed.

View Promotion Information

Although it’s the only casino in Vietnam that locals can enter, it’s almost empty during the day.

Only a few people play blackjack or roulette. The busiest time is between 8 PM and 9 PM, so if you want to enjoy the casino atmosphere, it’s best to visit during these hours.

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