Phu Quoc Cable Car: The Best Way to Experience Phu Quoc Island

The Phu Quoc Cable Car is the centerpiece of southern Phu Quoc tourism, connecting An Thoi village on the mainland with Hon Thom Island. It holds the record for the world’s longest cable car.

The cable car spans 7,899.9 meters and is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. It reaches a maximum height of 174 meters.

There are 70 cabins, each capable of carrying up to 30 passengers. The system operates on three rails: two for stabilizing the cabins and one for movement.

This guide provides detailed information about the Phu Quoc Cable Car, which you will use to visit Sun World Nature Park on Hon Thom Island.

Is the Phu Quoc Cable Car Worth a Ride?

Some visitors to Phu Quoc might not be particularly interested in taking the cable car.

However, I believe it’s definitely worth experiencing at least once, and here’s why.

Stunning Views of Phu Quoc

The panoramic view of Phu Quoc Island from a height of up to 174 meters is breathtaking.

Starting from An Thoi village, you can see local Vietnamese villages, the harbor, and numerous fishing boats floating on the sea, creating a picturesque scene.

The glass on all four sides of the cabins is kept clean and clear by the staff.

A Unique Experience

The Phu Quoc Cable Car moves at a speed of about 30.6 km/h, more than twice the average speed of cable cars in Korea (around 14 km/h), offering a unique experience you won’t find elsewhere.

As the cabin approaches the tall pillars connecting the rails, it temporarily ascends and then drops after passing the pillar, which might be a bit scary for those with a fear of heights.

Nevertheless, the cabin remains stable, and you won’t lose your balance even if you stand.

Cable Car Video

Hon Thom Island and Sun World Nature Park

Upon reaching the final stop at Hon Thom Island, you can enjoy Sun World Nature Park, which is distinct from Phu Quoc VinWonders.

The park is divided into three zones, and the Phu Quoc Cable Car ticket includes access to Aquatopia and the beach.

  • Sun World Beach
  • Sun World Aquatopia Water Park
  • Sun World Exotica Park (amusement park)

While there is an additional fee to enjoy the amusement park Exotica Park, it is currently under construction as of April 2023, making it practically inaccessible.

Phu Quoc Cable Car Prices

 Adults (over 1.4m)Children (1m – 1.4m)Infants (under 1m)
Round-trip Cable Car
(includes Aquatopia Water Park)
Hon Thom Island Lunch Buffet300,000200,000
Cable Car + Buffet Combo800,000600,000

How to Buy Phu Quoc Cable Car Tickets

The price of cable car tickets is generally the same everywhere. The only way to get a discount is through the internet options introduced below.

1. At the Cable Car Station

You can purchase tickets directly at the cable car station. It’s straightforward; just go and buy them.

You can buy tickets directly at the station.

2. Official Website

You can also purchase tickets through the official website, but it only supports Vietnamese, so it’s not particularly convenient.

3. Through Agencies like Klook

Buying cable car tickets this way is probably the most popular method.

The reason is simple: you can apply discount coupons, and you receive a QR code ticket immediately, allowing you to enter without exchanging tickets.

There are many vendors, so you can compare prices and buy from the cheapest website.

4. Locally in Phu Quoc

In the center of Phu Quoc, around Duong Dong Street and Tran Huong Dao Street, there are many places selling cable car tickets.

You can buy them from stalls and travel agencies like John’s Tour. However, it’s more convenient to use the QR code provided by the websites mentioned above.

Phu Quoc Cable Car Operating Hours

Starting from April 28, 2023, the cable car operating hours have changed as follows:

Cable Car Hours

  • 09:00 ~ 11:30
  • 13:00 ~ 13:30
  • 15:00 ~ 17:00

There is a 1.5-hour break from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM. So, I recommend visiting the cable car in the afternoon.

Sun World Aquatopia on Hon Thom Island is open from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM, but you only have 1.5 hours to match the cable car schedule.

Considering the time needed for changing clothes and moving around, you only have about an hour to enjoy Hon Thom Island, which is very tight on time.

Therefore, it’s best to take the cable car between 1:00 PM and 1:30 PM.

Phu Quoc Cable Car Location and How to Visit

The Hon Thom Island cable car station is located at the southern end of Phu Quoc Island.

For taxis or Grab, show or enter the English or Vietnamese names listed below:

Estimated Time and Cost for a 4-seater Car Using Grab

  • From central Duong Dong: 35 minutes, about 300,000 VND
  • From Vinpearl in the north: 1 hour 10 minutes, about 650,000 VND
  • From Sao Beach in the east: 20 minutes, about 140,000 VND
Location NameSun World Cable Car
Hon Thom Island Cable Car
Phu Quoc Cable Car
Location NamePhu Quoc Cable Car
Location NameCap Treo Phu Quoc
AddressCap Treo Hon Thom, Phu Quoc
Operating Hours09:00 ~ 17:00
Closed DaysNone
Phone Number+84 886 045 888
Photo of Phu Quoc Cable Car Station
Photo of the Cable Car Station

Shuttle Bus Schedule to the Cable Car Station

Traveling from Duong Dong City to the Cable Car Station

StopStop (English)Bus Schedule    
Seashells HotelSeashells Hotel08:3012:3016:0017:3017:30
Hawaii ResortHawaii Resort Phu Quoc08:3512:3514:3516:0517:35
Bee Bee TravelBee Bee Travel Office08:4012:4014:4016:2017:50
Long Beach CenterLong Beach Center08:5012:5014:5016:3017:60
Salida ResortSalida Resort Phu Quoc09:0013:0015:0016:3018:00
Nobotel HotelNobotel Hotel09:1013:1015:1016:4018:10
Cable Car StationSun World Hon Thom09:3013:3015:3017:0018:30

Traveling from the Cable Car Station to Duong Dong City

StopStop (English)Bus Schedule    
Cable Car StationSun World Hon Thom10:3013:0014:3016:0019:45
Nobotel HotelNobotel Hotel09:1013:2014:5016:2020:05
Salida ResortSalida Resort Phu Quoc09:0013:3015:0016:3020:15
Long Beach CenterLong Beach Center08:5013:4015:1016:4020:25
Bee Bee TravelBee Bee Travel Office08:4013:5015:2016:5020:35
Hawaii ResortHawaii Resort Phu Quoc08:3513:5515:2516:5520:40
Seashells HotelSeashells Hotel08:3014:0015:3017:0020:45

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the cable car without visiting Sun World?

No, you can’t. I inquired about this, and they confirmed that you must purchase a Sun World ticket to use the cable car.

Is the Phu Quoc cable car safe?

I believe it is safe. Vietnam often relies on foreign companies for high-end, modern facilities due to a lack of domestic technology.

In fact, the Hon Thom cable car was constructed by the world-renowned Doppelmayr Group, known for their cable cars.

That alone makes me confident in the safety of the Phu Quoc cable car.

Does the cable car operate in rain or strong winds?

Yes, it does. If the weather conditions were too severe, they would likely stop entry at the gate.

How long does the cable car ride take?

The cable car travels at an average speed of 30 km/h, taking 15 minutes one way and 30 minutes round trip.

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