Saigon Square: Ho Chi Minh City’s Affordable Shopping Mall

Saigon Square: A Shopper’s Paradise in Ho Chi Minh City

Located on Nam Khi Khoi Nhia Street in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon Square is one of the city’s most iconic shopping malls.

Surrounded by the traditional Ben Thanh Market and the newly opened Takashimaya Department Store, Saigon Square creates an interesting mix of old and new shopping experiences.

Saigon Square is one of the largest indoor markets in Ho Chi Minh City and a must-visit for tourists from around the world who come here primarily for the shopping.

Originally, there were three Saigon Square locations, but now only the first and third branches remain open after the second branch closed. Let’s take a closer look at what Saigon Square has to offer.

Front view of Saigon Square 1. Photo credit: LG_KAY

Comfortable Shopping at Saigon Square

As Vietnam’s largest city, Ho Chi Minh City boasts a variety of shopping malls and department stores. Among the local shopping destinations, Saigon Square and Ben Thanh Market are the most famous.

Ben Thanh Market is a traditional market bustling with vendors selling clothes, souvenirs, food, and groceries, but it lacks amenities like air conditioning and restrooms.

In contrast, Saigon Square is a modern, two-story shopping mall equipped with air conditioning and restrooms (usage fee: 2,000 VND, approximately $0.07).

Shopping in Ho Chi Minh City, where the average temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius, can be exhausting due to the crowds. However, Saigon Square offers a more comfortable local shopping experience.

Counterfeit Goods at Saigon Square?

One of the main reasons tourists visit Saigon Square is the abundance of counterfeit goods available for purchase. There’s even a rumor that some genuine items are mixed in with the fakes.

Opinions vary on this matter, with some claiming it’s true and others saying it’s false. To put it simply, there’s a possibility that genuine items are indeed among the goods.

Vietnam is home to factories producing products for many famous global brands. About a year ago, a high-profile case involved local workers smuggling luxury brand bags out of a factory.

Contrary to what you might expect, these smuggled goods were not in small quantities but entire boxes.

These smuggled items often end up in local markets like Saigon Square, so there’s a chance you might find genuine products there.

However, the biggest challenge is that it’s very difficult for the average person to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit items.

Unless you’re an expert in the field, it’s hard to tell the difference, so be cautious when buying counterfeit goods.

Clothes at Saigon Square
There are countless types of products for sale.

What Can You Buy at Saigon Square?

Saigon Square is one of the best places in Ho Chi Minh City to find affordable products. It offers a vast array of items, making it almost unnecessary to shop anywhere else.

From electronics and seasonal clothing to belts, souvenirs, accessories, watches, jewelry, handicrafts, bags, and numerous counterfeit brands, Saigon Square is a comprehensive shopping destination.

While there are differences in size between the first and third branches, many of the same vendors are present, so the product selection is quite similar.

The main branch, located in the city center, is particularly well-known among foreign tourists.

Inside Saigon Square
Don’t forget to haggle for the best prices.

Prices at Saigon Square

The prices of products sold here vary greatly, and each vendor has different pricing. Saigon Square is an especially good place in Vietnam to try your hand at bargaining.

Most items have price tags, but regardless of the listed price, you can often get a discount if you try to haggle first.

Average Prices at Saigon Square

  • T-shirts – $3.60 to $10.80
  • Shorts – $7.20 to $10.80
  • Hiking Backpacks – $18.00
  • Windbreakers – $10.80
  • Shoes – $18.00

How to Get to Saigon Square and Opening Hours

With the closure of the second branch, only the first and third branches are currently open. Personally, I recommend visiting the first branch over the third.

The first branch is conveniently located near popular tourist spots like De Tham Street, making it easy to get to various areas.

On the other hand, the third branch is slightly outside the city center, and Hai Ba Trung Street, where it’s located, gets extremely congested in the evenings.

Although the closing time is 9 PM, many shops start closing earlier, so it’s best to visit before then.

Location Saigon Square 1
Location Saigon Square 1st Branch
Address 81 Nam Kỳ Khởi Nghĩa, Bến Nghé, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Opening Hours Daily 07:30 – 23:30
Closed Days None
Location Saigon Square 3
Address 173 Hai Bà Trưng, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Opening Hours Daily 09:00 – 21:00
Closed Days None

Tips for Visiting Saigon Square

  • To use the restroom, you need to pay 2,000 VND (about $0.07) to the attendant at the entrance. Sometimes they ask for payment after you’ve used the facilities.
  • No food or drinks are sold inside, so it’s a good idea to buy a drink from a nearby convenience store before you visit.
  • Since refunds or exchanges are difficult, make sure to choose the right size carefully.
  • There are multiple vendors selling similar items, so it’s worth taking a look around before making a purchase.

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