5 Tips for Booking Cheap Flights to Vietnam

With the surge in interest in Vietnam, the number of people visiting the country for various reasons has significantly increased.

Recently, with more flights to Vietnam and cheaper oil prices, airfare to Vietnam has become more affordable.

Considering the local cost of living in Vietnam, you can do a lot with the money you save on airfare. So, here are some tips on how to book the cheapest flights to Vietnam.

Book Now!

The most common concerns when buying a flight ticket to Vietnam are probably these:

  • Will the ticket price drop as the departure date approaches?
  • Will there be last-minute deals tomorrow?
  • Should I wait a bit longer for a cheaper price?

No, that’s not the case. The cheapest time to book your flight is right now.

Nomadic Matt, one of the world’s most famous travel bloggers, explained this in an article about booking flights.

The article includes his experiences from over a decade of traveling the world and interviews with Google Flights staff who provide airfare comparison services.

To summarize the article:

No one can predict flight prices.

Airfare fluctuates by an average of $50.

Waiting for a slightly cheaper ticket often ends up costing you more.

So, if you have a set schedule for your trip to Vietnam, don’t hesitate—book your flight now.

Take Full Advantage of Early Bird Deals

Asiana Airlines’ Early Bird Promotion

When booking flights to Vietnam, one golden rule applies: the earlier you book, the cheaper the ticket.

Most airlines allow you to book flights up to 6 months to a year in advance, thanks to their early bird systems.

While the exact dates for early bird deals can vary depending on the destination, you should generally book at least 6 weeks in advance to get a relatively cheap ticket.

Comparison of flight prices to Vietnam in February and March as of December 28. Prices can vary by up to twice as much.

Use Google Flights’ “Best Departure Flight” Feature

In August 2023, Google launched a new service that helps users find the cheapest times to book flights.

“This feature uses years of historical price data to analyze how airfares have changed over time for various routes and date combinations, identifying the periods when prices are generally the lowest based on the departure date.” [1]

While similar features are available on other price comparison sites like Skyscanner and Kayak, Google Flights stands out for its powerful capabilities.

Other comparison services often provide incomplete information. For example, they might show the lowest price for a specific date but require users to click through multiple combinations to find the best time to book.

However, the new feature on Google Flights presents this information in a clear and objective manner.

You can easily see if the ticket price for your selected date is higher or lower than average.

Another advantage of Google Flights is its robust filter options. You can specify your preferences for baggage, time of day, and other conditions, then enter your dates.

Using Google Flights' lowest price feature to book the cheapest flights to Vietnam
You can see the lowest prices for each date at a glance.
You can also check seat size, availability of USB ports, and in-flight entertainment options at a glance.

By using this feature effectively, you can easily find the best time to book flights to Vietnam.

When is the cheapest month to fly to Vietnam?

As with any country, flight prices to Vietnam tend to be higher during peak travel seasons.

Vietnam is no exception, but the distinction between peak and off-peak seasons is less pronounced compared to other countries.

This is because Vietnam’s climate doesn’t vary much throughout the year, making it a year-round travel destination.

Quick Overview of Vietnam’s Climate

  • Southern Vietnam experiences six months of summer and six months of rainy summer.
  • Central Vietnam is summer year-round, but heavy rains during the three-month rainy season can make tourism difficult.
  • Northern Vietnam has four distinct seasons, with winters cold enough to require a padded jacket.

The most expensive times to fly to Vietnam are as follows:

Peak Travel Seasons in Vietnam

  • July to August, during Korea’s summer vacation period
  • Late December to late February, during the Lunar New Year holidays in both Korea and Vietnam

Conversely, the cheapest times to fly to Vietnam are:

Off-Peak Travel Seasons in Vietnam

  • March to early July, when the rainy season begins in Vietnam
  • September to December, during Vietnam’s winter and after Korea’s vacation period ends

Avoid Traveling During Vietnam’s Major Holidays

Vietnam, like Korea, has been heavily influenced by China. If Korea was influenced from the east, Vietnam was influenced from the west.

As a result, the major holidays in Korea and Vietnam are quite similar, and flight prices can nearly double during these times.

This is because many Koreans living in Vietnam return home, and many Vietnamese living in Korea return to Vietnam.

Vietnamese Lunar New Year (Late January to Early February)

Known as Tet, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year is the longest holiday period in Vietnam, officially lasting about seven days.

Including weekends, the holiday period often extends to around ten days.

During this time, all business operations in Vietnam come to a halt, making tourism nearly impossible.

Not only is there no tourism, but the streets also become eerily empty, resembling a ghost town.

Moreover, flight prices to Vietnam are the highest during this period. Regardless of the cost, it’s best to avoid traveling during this time.

Where to Book the Cheapest Flights to Vietnam

Check Price Comparison Websites

Before booking flights to Vietnam, using price comparison websites is essential. They provide the most affordable and intuitive way to check prices.

Skyscanner, in particular, offers comparisons for flights worldwide.

The downside of these comparison sites is that they don’t reflect real-time price changes. There is a delay.

Additionally, they are slow to update when new airlines start or discontinue routes.

Check with Local Travel Agencies

Many people overlook local travel agencies. These agencies often offer discount coupons or promotional events for international travel.

By using these coupons, you can sometimes get a better deal than the lowest price listed on comparison sites.

Low-Cost Airlines

Representative low-cost airlines operating between Korea and Vietnam include VietJet Air and T’way Air.

Compared to major airlines, low-cost carriers can offer tickets at about a quarter of the price, making them a very affordable option for flights to Vietnam.

However, they have fewer flights, and additional charges may apply for baggage and in-flight meals.

Reference link: Honest review of VietJet Air

Frequently Asked Questions About Flights to Vietnam

Are last-minute flights not worth it?

About ten years ago, last-minute flights were the best way to book the cheapest tickets to Vietnam.

However, with the rise of low-cost airlines, last-minute flights no longer offer the same advantages.

Vietnam is only a 4-5 hour flight from Korea, so the price difference isn’t significant compared to long-haul routes like those to the U.S. or Europe.

Moreover, most last-minute tickets have a short validity period of three months and don’t allow you to choose your preferred dates.

Constantly checking for last-minute deals can be cumbersome, and the benefits don’t outweigh the hassle.

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