Vietjet Air – Honest Review and Details (2023)

Perhaps the most famous low-cost airline in Vietnam is VietJet Air.

This airline, which used to offer flights on domestic routes in Vietnam and to a few Southeast Asian countries, is now flying to 46 countries and is one of the fastest-growing airlines in Vietnam.

VietJet Air is a subsidiary of Vietnam’s national airline, Vietnam Airlines. and its website is so poor that we will introduce you to the details of using VietJet Air and the questions we have asked.

VietJet Air Review: Is it worth taking?

To be honest, if you take VietJet Air, you’ll think, “Next time, I’ll make more money and take a better national airline.

It’s not a lie. You’ll feel it once you take it.

Not just VietJet Air. You’ll feel the same way if you take any other Vietnamese low-cost airline operating in Vietnam.

The service and quality itself are really faithful to low-cost airlines. It provides quality and service that matches its price range in Vietnam.

Nevertheless, the reason why people use this airline is because it offers a shocking price that is less than half of other airlines.

There are no advantages other than price. There is no value for money. It’s just the price.

If you have the financial means, I would recommend taking at least Vietnam Airlines.

Airpine Vietjet

VietJet Air Incidents and Accidents

There are so many incidents and accidents with VietJet Air that I don’t know where to start.

There have been no major accidents, such as plane crashes, but there are many small incidents that make people frustrated and absurd.

1) Delays, late arrivals, cancellations

This is a chronic problem with VietJet Air that does not improve over time.

I doubt there is even a concept of an on-time departure. Since VietJet Air is a low-cost airline, it is pushed back in terms of departure compared to other airlines.

For example, think of Vietnam Airlines departing at the same time. Vietnam Airlines will always depart first.

No matter how much so, would the Vietnamese government have warned that it could revoke its operating license?

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Vietjet Air Flight Delays
Travelers can find it truly exhausting when VietJet Air fails to respond to delays and late arrivals.

There are really no delays on international flights. If you take a domestic flight operated by VietJet in Vietnam, you will experience all kinds of things.

Vietnamese locals say that if two flights on VietJet Air are not fully booked, they will combine the two flights into one. That’s why there are often delays. This may or may not be true.

Personally, I was waiting for a domestic flight to board.

At the time, it was raining so much that the plane kept getting delayed until the flight was eventually canceled.

As soon as it was canceled, there was an extreme backlash from Vietnamese people waiting at the gate.

Imagine about 200 people getting up and trying to break down the gate and throwing things like barricades.

Then shortly after, the canceled flight came back. And then we actually boarded without any problems.

2) Poor Customer Service

Things that we might think of as “bad luck” if we experience them once in a while when using an airplane frequently happen in Vietnam.

The bigger problem is that even if a problem occurs, you will never be able to receive a quick response.

Typical examples include:

  • Being assigned a different seat than the one you selected.
  • The flight schedule changes unexpectedly.
  • Notification of the flight change comes very late.
  • When trying to change or cancel, they say it’s not possible, and they never want to do it.
  • Even if a problem occurs due to the airline’s fault, there is no refund or compensation.
  • Even if a refund is made, it is refunded in VietJet points instead of cash (valid for 180 days).
  • It is very difficult to receive compensation.

3) Other absurd incidents

A Korean news outlet published an article on August 29, 2022, entitled “Are Koreans ‘easy targets’? “

The article described an incident where VietJet Air refused to accept a COVID-19 negative certificate that was typically issued.

The passengers were initially denied boarding due to their antigen test certificates. However, a local broker at the ticket office approached them and offered to provide negative certificates for $180 in exchange for boarding.

This raised suspicions about a possible connection between the airline staff and the broker.

It is worth noting that the hospital mentioned in the article is Family Medical Hospital, a foreign-owned general hospital considered one of the best in Vietnam.

Despite this, VietJet Air did not recognize a negative certificate issued by the hospital.

The article reports that there were multiple victims of similar incidents. However, since COVID-19 testing is no longer required upon entry into Vietnam, such incidents are unlikely to occur.

Family Medical is a top choice for foreigners in Vietnam facing a major accident. Photo: Family Medical

VietJet Air Baggage Allowance

VietJet Air, being a low-cost airline, has strict baggage allowance policies. Applying for checked baggage can significantly diminish the attractiveness of traveling with a “low-cost airline.”

When adding round-trip checked baggage, compare the prices and see if it is worth paying more to fly with Vietnam Airlines.

Carry-On Baggage Allowance

VietJet Air is divided into ECO, DELUXE, and SKYBOSS classes, and the carry-on baggage Allowance is as follows.

For passengers (except children under two years old), carry-on baggage size is 56*36*23cm.

Up to 2 items are allowed, including a backpack, a carry-on suitcase, or a small handbag, with a combined weight of up to 7KG.

If you bring a laptop in a laptop bag, you must include it as “main carry-on baggage + laptop bag.”

In other words, the total weight of your laptop bag and cabin baggage must be within 7kg.

For Skyboss class passengers, the carry-on baggage limit increases to 10kg, with other rules being the same.

Since the cabin suitcase alone weighs around 1.5 kg, the actual usable space is approximately 5 ~ 6KG.

If your carry-on baggage exceeds the weight limit, you must pay for checked baggage at the airport.

The price for purchasing additional baggage at the airport is $35 for a 20 kg allowance. *However, this may vary depending on your country, so please double-check

Checked baggage allowance 

  • ECO – No checked baggage 
  • Delux – One piece of checked baggage up to 20kg 
  • Skyboss – One piece of checked baggage up to 30kg, a golf club set weighing 15kg or less 

An additional $15 per 1KG can be paid if the checked baggage weight exceeds the limit.

Below are the prices for applying for additional checked baggage.

15KG19 USD
20KG24 USD
25KG29 USD
30KG38 USD
35KG45 USD
40KG52 USD
Oversize 20KG40.26 USD
Oversize 30KG53.38 USD

Vietjet Air in-flight meals

If you want an in-flight meal on Vietjet Air, apply for it when booking your ticket or at least 48 hours before your flight.

But if you forget, you can still buy a meal during the flight with cash.

Remember that the availability of in-flight meals is limited, so it’s advisable to apply in advance to secure your meal.

What is the seat size on Vietjet Air?

As a budget airline, the seats may feel cramped. If you’re an average male with a height of 173 cm, your knees might touch the front seat unless you sit upright.

Based on my experience, if you’re over 180 cm tall, you may find Vietjet Air particularly uncomfortable.

Is Vietjet Air safe?

Despite the numerous weaknesses of Vietjet Air, the fortunate thing is that it is one of the safest low-cost airlines with no major crash accidents.

The Australian international airline safety and rating agency AirlineRatings selected Vietjet Air as one of the “Top 10 Low-Cost Airlines (LCC) in the World for 2022.”

AirlineRatings evaluates Vietjet Air as follows on their website:

VietJet Air has also been awarded highest ranking for safety with 7 stars since 2018. It is a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) with the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) certificate and a technical reliability rate standing at 99.64%. 

In other words, even though it may be uncomfortable if you can bear with it for a while, you can travel around Vietnam cheaply, which seems to be the first and last reason for using VietJet Air.

An Overview of Vietjet Air

In summary, if you plan to use Vietjet Air personally, it’s more comfortable to not apply for a seat or in-flight meal and only uses the 7kg carry-on luggage unless necessary.

Choose the most affordable ECO class without any added options. If you need any items, you can purchase them in Vietnam as needed.

Essential items are not very expensive, and you can even buy, use, and dispose of them during your trip.

As previously explained in an article on 15 essential tips for traveling in Vietnam, getting travel insurance is highly recommended.

Such insurance covers compensation for flight delays, cancellations, and other incidents, ensuring a safer trip to Vietnam.

However, adding checked luggage might be a good idea if you plan to buy souvenirs while visiting Vietnam.

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  1. This airline, which used to offer flights on domestic routes in Vietnam and to a few Southeast Asian countries, is now flying to 46 countrie

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