Discover Phu Quoc’s Ho Quoc Pagoda: Top Attractions and Visitor Tips

Phu Quoc Island’s Ho Quoc Temple is situated on a mountain about 20 kilometers southeast of Duong Dong town center. This temple is one of Phu Quoc’s most iconic landmarks.

Beyond Phu Quoc, Ho Quoc Temple is the largest temple in the entire Kien Giang province in southern Vietnam, covering an area equivalent to about 110 football fields.

Aside from theme parks like Vinpearl Safari and Sun World, Ho Quoc Temple is one of the few true tourist attractions on Phu Quoc Island.

In this article, we will provide a detailed introduction to Ho Quoc Temple.

What is Ho Quoc Temple?

Completed relatively recently in 2011, Ho Quoc Temple’s name translates to “Temple of National Protection,” a concept familiar in Asia as well.

The temple’s official name is “Thiền viện Trúc Lâm Chùa Hộ quốc,” and it is a Vietnamese Zen Buddhist temple.

When the Truc Lam sect was first established in the 1100s, Vietnam was ruled by the Tran and Ly dynasties. Ho Quoc Temple’s architecture reflects a blend of these two dynasties’ characteristics.

You can find temples of this sect throughout Vietnam, with the one in Dalat being particularly similar in appearance to Ho Quoc Temple.

Highlights of Ho Quoc Temple

Vietnamese temples, heavily influenced by Chinese architecture, are very similar to Korean or Chinese temples.

At the entrance, you will typically find fierce guardians, followed by a courtyard, the main hall, a water pavilion, and a bell tower.

Upon passing through the main gate of Ho Quoc Temple, you will first encounter 70 steps adorned with golden phoenixes and dragons.

Climbing these steps leads you to the main hall. If you take the stairs on the left, you will find a towering 30-meter statue of the Bodhisattva Guanyin, one of the temple’s highlights.

How to Get to Ho Quoc Temple

Ho Quoc Temple is somewhat isolated, with no other tourist attractions nearby. Therefore, it’s recommended to visit it either first or last when touring southern Phu Quoc.

There are no dedicated transportation services to the temple, so Grab is the most commonly used option. However, it might not be worth the fare if you’re only visiting the temple. Make sure to combine it with other attractions.

Since it’s located on a mountain, finding it by address can be challenging. Show the Vietnamese or English name to your taxi or Grab driver.

Transportation Options to Ho Quoc Temple

– Use Grab or a taxi.
– Book a Phu Quoc inland tour that includes the temple.
– Drive a motorbike yourself.

If you choose to drive a motorbike, be prepared for unpaved roads. If you’re not confident in your motorbike skills, it’s better to use Grab.

Visitor Information

Place NameHo Quoc Temple
Opening Hours06:00 ~ 18:00
Closed DaysNone

Tips for Visiting Ho Quoc Temple

– Ho Quoc Temple is an active place of worship for locals. Please avoid making excessive noise.
– Bring bottled water with you if possible.
– Wear comfortable shoes, as you’ll need to climb many stairs.

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