Basic Guide to Casinos in Vietnam

With the introduction of the casino law in Vietnam in 2017 (Decree 03/2017/ND-CP), the casino market officially opened.

Along with the construction of new large-scale casinos, game rooms are popping up in major cities like Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, offering play for poker and other games, even though they might not be called casinos.

Visiting is simple since every part of Vietnam has at least one casino. This article aims to provide an overview of the general regulations for first-time visitors to a casino in Vietnam.

Entrance Requirements for Casinos in Vietnam

  • Foreigners must be at least 21 years old.
  • You must bring your passport.
  • There is a basic dress code.

Sometimes the age requirement is 18 years old, but most casinos require visitors to be 21 years old. Although in the past, if you looked like a foreigner, they might not check your passport. It’s essential to bring your passport nowadays since they will verify your identity.

You will need your passport during your first visit, but if you join the casino’s membership program, you can use your membership instead of your passport for subsequent visits.

Dress Code for Casinos in Vietnam

Compared to strict European casinos, Asian casinos, including those in Vietnam, are generally more relaxed with dress codes. Just adhere to a basic dress code when entering a casino in Vietnam.

The casino will likely admit you if you don’t wear flip-flops or sandals.

Wearing shorts and short-sleeved shirts is acceptable, but we recommend wearing sneakers instead of sandals or flip-flops.

Don’t wear flip-flops or slippers.

Basic Prohibitions for Casinos in Vietnam

  • You cannot bring large bags or luggage inside.
  • Only US dollars can be used.
  • Taking pictures inside is prohibited.
  • Placing luggage on gaming tables is prohibited.

These rules are generally standard among casinos. Bags and luggage can be stored near the entrance of the casino’s storage area.

Local currency must be used in Vietnam due to a law limiting the use of foreign currencies. However, casinos have an exception to this rule.

Most casinos in Vietnam use an automated system, offering two main play options:

  • Charge a card with the desired amount and play games .Ex) Vietnam Dong > Exchange for US dollars and charge on card > Play with dollars
  • Insert cash (USD) directly into the machines.

Casino exchange rates could be more favorable, and they charge a 2-3% fee for currency exchange. It is recommended to exchange money before visiting the casino for potential savings.

Casinos are not allowed to operate as standalone establishments in Vietnam

Casinos in major cities across Vietnam are typically part of large resorts or hotels since standalone casinos are not allowed.

Ho Chi Minh City has the highest concentration of casinos, followed by Hanoi and Da Nang. Other major tourist cities such as Ha Long Bay and Vung Tau have smaller casinos but at least one in each location.

Dealers do not participate in the games at casinos in Vietnam

Dealers at casinos in Vietnam solely provide explanations of games without participating in them.

Conversing with dealers is unnecessary as they won’t initiate discussions with you. Table games, such as baccarat and blackjack, can be played by simply observing a computer monitor and playing against it.

Given the absence of dealers, the variety of games available is limited. The majority of casinos in Vietnam primarily focus on slot machines.

Based on my experience, slot machines make up about 80% of the casinos in Vietnam. Source : Corona Casino in Phu Quoc

The minimums are low.

One characteristic of casinos in Vietnam is that most have very low minimums.

Sometimes, slots or roulette start at 50 cents, and baccarat starts at half the price compared to casinos in Macau. So don’t worry about visiting just for fun.

You may need to sign up for membership in some cases.

Sometimes at a casino, they recommend signing up for membership (membership) or only allowing entry after signing up.

Membership does not require special fees. Most just give you a membership card for ranking and point accumulation.

Membership card for Corona Casino in Phu Quoc
Membership card for Corona Casino in Phu Quoc

If you visit infrequently, it doesn’t matter if you don’t make one. Still, depending on the casino, there may be events when signing up for membership.

For example, if you charge $100, they will give you an extra @. In this case, it’s worth doing.

Incidents at Casinos in Vietnam

In 2022, an incident that severely damaged the credibility of Vietnamese casinos occurred when an Italian tourist won a jackpot of 2.8 billion VND, and the casino refused to pay out the winnings.

This event sparked public outrage against a Vietnamese casino operator for failing to pay a woman her $2.4 million prize.

On that day, the woman hit a jackpot worth 54.6 billion VND (approximately $2.4 million USD). However, the casino only paid her about 10 billion VND (around $440,000 USD) in three installments over ten days, after which they ceased all further payments. [1]

This incident took place at the Corona Casino in Phu Quoc, considered one of Vietnam’s best casinos. After such events, one might wonder how these establishments can still be trusted. Keep this in mind when visiting Vietnam.

Don’t have high expectations for casinos in Vietnam.

As a tourist, you may visit a casino out of curiosity. Don’t expect a casino that only appears in movies. The casino market in Vietnam is still a mess, with many dirty and poorly managed places. 

It’s hard to believe that this is a casino in a 5-star hotel, and many places need to be cleaner and better managed. 

Casinos in Vietnam do not have cards or chips to play with. Just think of it as an arcade-like feeling.

Is there an entrance fee for casinos in Vietnam?

No. I have visited famous casinos all over Vietnam, and I have never seen or heard of any that charge an entrance fee.

You can enter and leave without any issue. So, don’t hesitate to visit without any worries.

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